Media Kit

   THE HERMOSAS is a Spanish written blog dedicated to support and empower women who need a space where they can be heard and valued. The Hermosas started in September 2011, but officially and uninterruptedly was released in April 2012 reaching the Hispanic market in the U.S. and others Latin America countries. Our audience is divided into 95.2% female and 4.8% in men in ages between 18-55 years.

Our Statistics:

More than 5,000 Monthly Views
252 Facebook Followers
143 Twitter Followers 
39 Pinterest Followers 
21 Google + Followers
39 Instagram Followers
62 Klout Score

In THE HERMOSAS we feel more than thankful that you consider our blog to advertise your products. Please read our Disclosure Policy.

1. Available Ads spaces in different sizes:
468 x 60 (Horizontal, between posts) 
300 x 250 (Top right corner) 
120 x 600 (Vertical, bottom left corner) 
2. Sponsored Giveaways. Giveaways on this blog are sponsored by the company selling the product and often accompanied by a review product.
3. Sponsored Posts.
4. Products Reviews. I am open to reviewing services and products for women.
1. Your product will be reach by a Hispanic audience in USA and Latin America.
2. Your brand visibility will increase.
3. Fast response and reaction from our readers about your product. 

For more details about our offers and price list, please contact us:
Para mas información en español escribanos a:



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